Ask Amy: Advice for the Real World

Dear Amy: My wife is a very opinionated person. She has no social filters.

On her son’s (my stepson’s) wedding day, she began drinking, etc., in mid-morning, along with some of the others in the bridal party.

Without going into explicit detail, I learned after the fact that my wife took the bride aside just before she was due to walk down the aisle, and said she didn’t believe that the bride really loved her son, but was only marrying him for his money.

In the days following the wedding my wife confirmed those feelings to me, yet, now, (weeks later) she denies ever saying those words to the bride.

Apparently, though, at least one other person overheard and confirmed what was said, and shared this with the groom. Understandably, the newlyweds don’t want anything to do with my wife, and I’m left trying to mend fences.


— Mending

Dear Mending: In the unlikely event of the couple coming to you and asking for reconciliation, you should dive in and try to bring all parties together, in person, to talk this out.

Otherwise, you should continue to tell your wife that she owes her daughter-in-law (and son) an apology, preferably in writing. What she did was unconscionable. I hope it wasn’t unforgivable. Your wife has a big problem. No filter plus alcohol plus denial equals unhappy ending.

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