Buffalo Exchange, 2001 E. Speedway. 

At Buffalo Exchange, one student’s cast-offs are another shopper’s treasure.

As the University of Arizona starts finals this Friday and prepares to wrap up the school year, students are cramming their brains and purging their closets.

For shoppers, that means about two weeks of treasure hunting.

“The push is always from the dorms and the sororities and the fraternities to be out,” said Rebecca Block, vice president of Buffalo Exchange. “It’s people who just don’t want to bring clothes home, or my favorite, folks with parents who send nice things that they don’t like. They sell it so parents aren’t like, ‘Why are there still tags?’”

Through May, Buffalo Exchange is giving shoppers who sell a $5 coupon in addition to the cash or trade they take from the sale.

“Five dollars at Buffalo is a big deal,” Block said.

This year, the buy-sell-trade clothing company is celebrating its 40th anniversary. 

At the end of each school year, the Tucson stores that buy see an increased number of people selling clothes, though the store at Speedway and Campbell Ave. near campus has a bigger influx than the east side store.  

The stores take the chance to stock up on winter apparel, often sold by freshmen who weathered Tucson cold without needing that heavy coat they packed.

Block said students also have a tendency to ditch clothes purchased specifically for festivals or spring break. She expects to see trendy athletic wear from stores such as Lululemon Athletica and Lucy Activewear, along with Bohemian-style clothing, pieces with UA logos, and preppier fashions from stores such as J. Crew.

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