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Get an instant high at the Tucson Gem Show

Get an instant high at the Tucson Gem Show

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If you’re looking for an instant, natural high that doesn’t leave you bleary eyed the morning after, you’ll find it at the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil showcase.

Simply saunter into any of the showrooms stocked with magnificent malachite, dazzling amethyst and twinkling topaz and you’ll start feeling the crystal energy lifting you up immediately.

And you thought people were smiling and laughing just because they got to buy really expensive things.

Actually, not all crystals are expensive, especially since you don’t need giant hunks of them to bring you benefits. A small piece of quartz or fit-in-your-palm agate will do. All you need to do is incorporate them into your daily life in fun and easy ways.

Like putting a few by your computer. Many of us are at our computers for big stretches at a time, making it the perfect place for a stone that helps with concentration and energy. Try blue topaz or clear quartz, the universal energy booster for everything.

Unless your life is all work, place crystals in other areas of your home where you play. Arrange moonstone on your nightstand for a good night’s sleep. Display carnelian, aquamarine and other stones known for creativity in your home art studio, craft room or workshop. Put abundance-generating jade on top of your checkbook.

I know a woman who does her daily power walk with a rod of quartz in each hand. Another regularly purifies her home with a citrine wand and rubs a bloodstone wand on her dogs at night (OK, fine, that second one is me).

You can put crystals in a waterproof jar and take a bath with them, or place a crystal wand or smaller jar of crystals in a water pitcher. You haven’t lived, after all, until you’ve sipped water infused with citrine energy.

If the names of all the crystals all sound like mumbo jumbo and you’re overwhelmed by all the different properties, don’t fret. Simply head to the gem show, pay attention to the stone that calls to you, then take it home and get to know it at your own rate. All crystals come with benefits, so it’s not like you’ll be going home with a dud.

I sure didn’t. This year’s fantastic finds for me included a hefty obsidian pendant carved into a cicada and a gorgeous onyx lamp that’s the size of a small man. I knew both had to come home with me the moment we met. I also know new crystal companions. Smiles and laughter will keep coming every year.

Tucsonan Ryn Gargulinski is a writer, artist, Reiki master and dog lover who helps people get their dazzle back. Contact her at

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