Caring is one of the most intimate and human ways to connect with others. And it can be expressed in multiple ways — from helping an elderly person cross the street to fighting a house fire.

But certain parts of America practice this virtue more than others. Madison, Wis., and Lincoln, Neb. topped this year's list prepared by WalletHub, a financial advice firm.

In order to identify the most warmhearted places in America, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 32 key metrics. The data set ranges from “homelessness rate" to “percentage of income donated to charity” to “special-education teachers per capita.”

Source: WalletHub

The Caring Spirit in Madison (1=Most Caring; 50=Avg.)

• 23rd – % of Sheltered Homeless Persons

• 19th – Child Poverty Rate

• 5th – Student-Teacher Ratio

• 6th – Residents Working in Community & Social Services per Capita

• 7th – Personal-Care Aides per Capita

• 11th – Nurses per Capita

• 1st – Firefighters per Capita

• 7th – Paramedics per Capita

Here is the top 10:

RankCityScoreCaring for
Caring for
Caring for
1Madison, WI66.531313
2Lincoln, NE62.8911712
3Virginia Beach, VA62.004626
4Boise, ID61.513450
5Honolulu, HI60.0822021
6Anchorage, AK60.0251918
7Colorado Springs, CO59.6561232
8Chesapeake, VA59.39211020
9Pittsburgh, PA59.2127143
10St. Paul, MN58.9416272