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3 reasons why your smoke detector is making noise
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3 reasons why your smoke detector is making noise

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Your smoke detector is one of the best lines of defense in your home but waking up to a beeping smoke detector in the middle of the night only to find there isn’t a fire may make you want to rip it from the ceiling. If your smoke detector is making noise when it shouldn’t be, these three reasons might be the culprit.

1) The battery is dying.

Newer smoke detectors are designed to consistently chirp every thirty to sixty seconds to warn users about dying batteries. Try replacing your batteries, or checking that batteries are securely installed.

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2) Your smoke detector is dirty.

Here’s one household chore most people forget about: smoke detectors need to be cleaned every six months for best use. When pet dander, pollen, and dust build up inside the sensing chamber of your smoke detector, you may notice interment or erratic chirping, or the alarm sounding when there isn’t any smoke. To clean your smoke detector, vacuum the outside of the unit and wipe the outside with a mild cleaner.

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3) It’s time to replace your smoke detector.

Like all electronics, smoke detectors eventually malfunction or die. If you notice your smoke detector randomly beeping or chirping and replacing batteries and cleaning doesn’t help, it may be time to replace your smoke detector.

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