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Mr. Clean Magic Erasers can help with a ton of household cleaning jobs including cleaning grout, scrubbing scuffs or crayon marks off walls, busting through soap scum, and removing tarnish from silver. But this cleaning essential is hiding one big secret—Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are really just smartly branded (and overpriced) melamine sponges.

Cost Savings

Buying and 8-count package of the name brand Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on Amazon will set you back $10.69. But there’s no need to drop over a dollar per sponge. Buying a 20-count package of unbranded melamine sponges on Amazon will only cost you $3.12. That’s less than 16 cents per sponge.

Save More on Bulk Buys

If you use Magic Erasers for just about every household cleaning job, you may run through one or two erasers a week. These unbranded melamine sponges are even cheaper in bulk, so you can clean you car tires, scrub baked on food off casserole dishes, and remove annoying price tag stickers to your heart’s content. A 100 pack of these melamine sponges only costs $6.99, or 7 cents a sponge.