Native Seeds/SEARCH is beginning its annual Adopt-A-Crop campaign, which allows donors to adopt a rare seed for $25 to $150.

In an effort to regenerate seeds that are especially rare and endangered, Native Seeds/SEARCH is kicking off its annual 2019 Adopt-A-Crop campaign.

The campaign allows donors to adopt a rare seed in exchange for a donation between $25 and $150. There’s also an option to adopt all of the seeds for a $400 donation.

Many of the seeds in Native Seeds/SEARCH’s collection are arid-adapted, heirloom varieties that are essential to farming, the organization said in a news release. The successful grow-out of these plants is critical to ensuring future quantities of seed, and in turn food, are available to backyard gardeners, community gardens, small-scale farmers, and Native American growers preserving traditional farming methods.

One of this year’s selected Adopt-A-Crop varieties is teosinte, one of the wild parent plants from which modern corn has developed and is of great interest to modern researchers, the organization said.

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There’s also the melon Mexicano, which Native Seeds/SEARCH will work with Ochoa Community School to grow in the campus garden. Students will learn gardening and seed saving through the effort.

“Adopt-A-Crop allows us to bring awareness to the importance of saving seeds, growing what works best in our region, and sharing this knowledge, and seeds, with everyone,” said Native Seeds/SEARCH Executive Director Joy Hought.

To learn more about the seeds available for adoption, visit