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Daylight savings time in November means your days start to feel even shorter. If getting enough sun is key to lifting your moods through fall and winter, heavy curtains aren’t always the best window treatment, but leaving the blinds lifted all day can leave you feeling exposed. That’s where removable window film comes in.

Natural Light, Maximum Privacy

This sheer film allows light to filter through, so you can get the most out of those shorter fall days. It also keeps neighbors from looking through your windows. In the summer, window film can prevent harmful UV rays from coming through your windows.

Dozens of Styles

Removable window film comes in dozens of styles, from simple frosted film to fun patterns like this icicle effect film or this geometric design. You can even find colorful window film that mimics the look of stained glass.

Perfect for Renters

If you’re a renter with windows that look out onto the apartment next door, window film allows you to maintain privacy while enjoying natural light. It can be easily removed when you’re ready to move, or swapped out for a different style when you want to change up your decor.