Whether you’re battling a cold or just came in from a long walk in the snow, nothing is nicer than a hot cup of tea. These tea kettles are the best of the best, and you can avoid another trip out in the cold by ordering them on Amazon.

1) Best Stove Top Kettle

If you’re looking for the best stove top kettle, try this highly rated model from Willow & Everett. The kettle holds a generous 3 liters, and is built to last from surgical grade stainless steel, aluminum, and iron. It also includes a tea infuser for brewing a single cup of loose leaf tea. Customers loved how quickly this kettle got hot, and how well it held heat.

2) Best Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are a great option for those who can’t spare the stove space. This Meuller electric kettle has a solid five stars on Amazon thanks to the completely cordless design, scratch resistant glass, and heat-resistant anti-slip handle. It heats quickly, and indicates the water is ready with a blue light.

3) Most Stylish Kettle

Not only did customers love the functionality of KitchenAid’s 1.25-liter electric kettle—they also loved the style. This attractive kettle has a retro vibe, and comes in a range of colors: classic stainless steel, empire red, hot sauce, onyx, pistachio, and twilight blue.