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    The Banner University Medicine Rio Nuevo 102-mile El Tour de Tucson bicycle race takes a new route in 2021. Cyclists still start downtown, but head East around Davis-Monthan AFB into Vail, then down to Corona de Tucson, west to Green Valley, then north on Old Nogales Highway to downtown Tucson.

    The enamel on teeth helps protect them from cavities, but it can also soak up the pigments from what you eat and drink. Here are some foods that you should consume in moderation if you want to keep your teeth white.

    Healthy eating is not a black and white issue. It’s shades of gray — and sweets are definitely in the gray area. It’s true, sugary-filled treats shouldn’t be a major part of your diet. However, there’s also no reason why they need to be banned entirely. In fact, for many, swearing off favorite treats may cause feelings of deprivation, which can lead to cravings and over-indulgence. That said, the key to enjoying treats is balance.

    Springtime marks asparagus season, when they are easily available and reasonably priced. You’ ll want to select asparagus that are all the same thickness so they will cook evenly. Very fresh asparagus will have closed tips and slightly moist ends.

    One skillet is all you need to create this satisfying, veggie-loaded breakfast (or dinner) dish. This skillet is packed with mushrooms, bell pepper and chard to help up your veggie count for the day and is topped with bacon, eggs, cheese, pico de gallo and fresh cilantro.

    When buying a home today, you might have to solve a puzzle about the mortgage rate you'll pay. Which would you do?Get the lowest monthly payment now by paying discount points to reduce the interest rate.Make monthly payments at today's interest rate and wait an unknowable time for rates to fall so you can refinance,...

    No one likes laundry day, but what if you could get away with doing it far less often? Well, experts are now weighing in, saying you don’t always have to rush every article of clothing to the hamper after every wear. Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details. 

    You know that ultra-fresh, citrus-kissed scent that greets you when you walk into the lobby of a luxury hotel? Do you ever wish your home could smell like that and start looking into how to make your house smell good? You may fantasize about your home having a signature scent that makes it feel like a clean, safe sanctuary, but life (and reality) can sometimes get in the way.

    An Australian company has lifted the glass cloche on a meatball made of lab-grown cultured meat using the genetic sequence from the long-extinct mammoth. The high-tech treat isn't available to eat yet. The startup says it is meant to fire up public debate about cultivated meat. Also called cultured or cell-based meat, it is made from animal cells. Livestock doesn’t need to be killed to produce it – which advocates say is better not just for the animals but also for the environment. Vow used publicly available genetic information from the mammoth, filled missing parts with genetic data from the African elephant, and inserted it into a sheep cell. The cells multiplied in a lab until there were enough to roll up into the meatball.

    Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has personally opened his state’s lawsuit against Juul Labs and tobacco giant Altria. The state is seeking more than $100 million in damages. It's the first of thousands of cases against the e-cigarette maker to reach trial. In opening statement Tuesday, Ellison accused Juul of unlawfully targeting young people with vaping products to get a new generation addicted to nicotine. But David Bernick, an attorney for Juul, said its purpose was always to convert adult smokers of combustible cigarettes to a less-dangerous product — not to lure kids. The trial in Minneapolis is expected to last around three weeks.

    Philadelphia officials say the city's water system will not be affected by contamination following a chemical spill into the Delaware River. Health officials just north of Philadelphia say a pipe burst late Friday evening at a chemical facility. They say it spilled between 8,100 and 12,000 gallons of a water-based latex-finishing solution into the river. Officials said it is nontoxic to humans. No known adverse health effects have been reported. Philadelphia officials say no trace of contamination was ever found in the city's water system. They say they are now confident that the threat has passed.

    A woman accused of setting fire to a Wyoming abortion clinic will be released from jail while her case proceeds. A judge ruled Tuesday that 22-year-old Lorna Roxanne Green must live with her parents and continue as a college student. On social media, the Casper woman posted details including competing in a bike race and visiting a butterfly garden but showed no anti-abortion views. Investigators say Green told them the planned clinic in Casper was giving her anxiety and nightmares, so she decided to burn it down last May. Her attorney, Ryan Semerad, said he's pleased Green is being released and looks forward to defending her.


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