The impressive needlework textile of the Night King from HBO’s epic fantasy “Game of Thrones” took more than 30,000 artisan hours to complete.

WHAT: With the final season of "Game of Thrones" on tap, interest in the fantasy is running high. To honor the series, HBO's U.K. representatives commissioned a massive needlework (measuring about 19 feet by 13 feet) known as the "Hardhome Embroidery" from the U.K. Embroiderers' Guild, an educational charity. More than 140 people were involved in the making.

The central figure in the large work is the Night King, with LED lights in his eyes. The head embroiderer for "Game of Thrones" costumes created the three insects, a moth and three dragonflies, above his head. Techniques used throughout include metal thread work, applique, beading, quilting and surface stitching. A new twist was the use of digital printing machine embroidery.

MORE: After completion, a decision was made to sell the piece at the U.K. auction house Sworders to raise funds for the Guild. The auction has been in business since 1782. Sadly, the artwork failed to make reserve and did not sell.

SMART COLLECTORS KNOW: The scene selected by HBO for the textile was the battle between the White Walker army and people from the Wildling town of Hardhome.

HOT TIP: A decorative border on the piece features crests of houses in the show: Tyrell, Stark, Arryn, Greyjoy, Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, Martell and Tully.

BOTTOM LINE: We're hoping that the final series renews interest in the show and the needlework sells. Wouldn't it look great in a library or public place?