McDonald's, 1187 W. Irvington Road - photo courtesy of Google earth

From February

History: Since 2000, the franchise has received good and excellent ratings exclusively. This was its first failed inspection.

What the inspector saw: During the initial Jan. 27 inspection, the inspector noted four priority violations, including inadequate hand washing, food reheating and food handling practices, as well as the lack of a hand sink in the front counter area. All but the sink violation were corrected on site.

Follow-up: The sink had not been replaced by the Feb. 6 follow-up, resulting in the failed rating.

Response: Jeannette Ornelas, a community relations assistant with the franchisee, told the Star that the sink was scheduled to be installed Thursday. As to the other violations, Ornelas said she doesn’t expect them to be an issue again.

“We do hold our employees to a high standard,” she added.

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