420 W. Magee Road - photo courtesy Google earth

From February

History: Since the early 2000s, the restaurant has largely received inspections ratings of good and excellent, though it got a needs improvement last year. This was its first failed inspection.

What the inspector saw: On Feb. 23, the inspector observed raw meat stored above ready-to-eat food and a walk-in cooler not keeping food at safe temperatures, resulting in a needs improvement inspection. The inspector returned the next day to check on the cooler and found that it and another reach-in cooler were still not holding foods at safe temperatures and, due to the fact that this was the third “cold holding violation” found at the restaurant within the last five inspections, Michelangelo’s received a failing probationary rating.

Follow-up: A check-up later on the afternoon of Feb. 24 found that the reach-in cooler was holding foods below the mandated 41 degrees, and the walk-in had a much cooler ambient temperature. The inspector instructed management to keep temperature logs.

Response: A message for comment was not returned by deadline.

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