6781 N. Thornydale Road - photo courtesy of Google earth

In June

History: Since 2013, the restaurant has exclusively received inspection ratings of good and excellent, according to online inspection records. This was its first failed inspection.

What the inspector saw: The inspector noted 11 priority violations, including inadequate sanitizing of tongs used to handle raw beef, a sanitizer whose maximum water temperature was below established minimums and air fresheners stored near single-serve items.

Follow-up: The restaurant passed a follow-up inspection on June 16.

Response: Owner Danny Liebeskind said that some of the violations stemmed from recent changes in the food code, which the restaurant quickly complied with.  “It was a setback and humbling,” he said of the inspection, adding: “We’re not a dirty place. All I can really say is we are now in compliance with 2017 codes.”

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