Christopher Garcia, 43, who was arrested Sept. 22 in connection with the sexual assaults of three women, is also a suspect in the attacks of two other women, Sheriff Chris Nanos and a police spokesman said.

Garcia was booked into the Pima County jail on suspicion of sexual abuse, armed robbery and aggravated assault in connection with two cases under the sheriff’s jurisdiction, said Nanos.

Garcia also was booked in connection with a Sept. 20 sexual assault that Tucson police are investigating, said Sgt. Pete Dugan, a police spokesman. In that case, Garcia faces charges of sexual assault, aggravated assault, kidnapping and armed robbery, Dugan said.

Additional charges are possible as the investigation continues, said Nanos.

The assaults being investigated began Aug. 26 and the last case believed to be tied to the suspect was Sept. 20, said Nanos. He described the attacks as “brutal,” and said the man became more violent with each occurrence.

Garcia, a laborer who works in the Sabino Canyon area, was taken into custody at his workplace, Nanos said. He said investigators found him after one of the victims said he went to a Wells Fargo branch ATM before she was assaulted. The bank’s security team worked with investigators to retrieve a security photo.