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Arizona Game and Fish: Don't call us about mountain lion internet hoax

Arizona Game and Fish: Don't call us about mountain lion internet hoax

Mountain lions

The hunting of mountain lions and other big cats is largely considered trophy hunting.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department of Tucson said the public has nothing to worry about after a hoax photo of a mountain lion in a bathtub was widely shared online. 

The department posted a public service announcement on its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon after apparently receiving a call from a "concerned citizen," the post said. 

The original Facebook post showed a photo of a mountain lion cub in a bath, saying the "cat" was found somewhere in southern Arizona, was covered with dirt and leaves and "ate 3 big cans of tuna." 

After the genuinely concerned citizen thought the post was real, they called Arizona Game and Fish, which is when the department posted the following PSA: 

"Troll Alert: Know that this post, making the rounds on (Facebook) and elsewhere, is a hoax. The cat shown is a mountain lion. No need to contact AZGFD about it, but we do appreciate a citizen letting us know," the Facebook post reads.

A similar post about a coyote being found and mistakenly taken in as a lost dog has also made the rounds in local Facebook groups. 

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