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    The sleepy Cortaro General Store was one of a handful of buildings and tenants at Cortaro Road and I-10 in the late 70s. The store's quiet life was peppered with a suicide in the phone booth in 1959, an armed robbery and robbery, a stabbing of a store clerk in the 70s and a sink hole in 1982…

      In 1953, the Strategic Air Command brought the jet age to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson with dozens of Boeing B-47 Stratojet bombers as part of U.S. efforts to counter the Soviet threat of invasion. The planes could carry conventional and nuclear payloads 3,000 miles before refuelin…

      WASHINGTON – Ranchers and Republican lawmakers are welcoming a Supreme Court ruling that narrows the range of waters subject to federal regulation, calling it a win for private property rights that reins in overeager regulators. “It’s very difficult to navigate federal processes, very difficult. And it seems particularly silly in a case where you’re getting […]

      The post Ranchers hail, environmentalists fear Supreme Court clean water ruling appeared first on Arizona Mirror.

      State and federal officials are celebrating an agreement reached this week by Arizona, California and Nevada to reduce their use of Colorado River water by millions of gallons over the next three years. But it’s a temporary reprieve. Bolstered by a winter with heavy rain and snow throughout a region that has suffered two decades […]

      The post Colorado River agreement punts on drastic cuts and difficult negotiations appeared first on Arizona Mirror.


      Maricopa County can't collect on its legal fees against unsuccessful candidate for Arizona governor. A separate ruling, however, says Mark Finchem, needs to pay fees in his challenge to losing the race for secretary of state.

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