If you love art, but aren't necessarily artistic and can't afford to commission somebody who is, here is a really simple and inexpensive way to create paintings for your house.

You need a paint brush, gold or silver spray paint, and another color of your choice, stretched canvas and acrylic paint. You'll also need leaves You can get all of this stuff pretty cheap at Michaels, except for the spray paint. It's cheaper to get that at Walmart. You'll also need a couple sprigs of leaves. 

Paint the canvas whatever color you want to be the background, like blue or purple. When that dries, place the leaves however you want them on the canvas. Spray paint the entire canvas, with the leaves on it. Once that's done, remove the leaves and you have a painting. You can play around with it and use different shapes too. 

You could use cut out handprints of the kids, and make a cute Mother's Day present for grandma.

Here's where I saw the idea.