Two hundred and twenty-five people showed up in Pima County Superior Court this morning to answer 41 questions that will help attorneys decide who should serve on Shawna Forde's jury.

Forde is accused of being behind the May 2009 murder of Arivaca resident Raul Flores and his 9-year-old daughter Brisenia.

Prospective jurors were handed an 18-page questionnaire and those who aren't immediately dismissed based on their answers will be back in court next Tuesday for face-to-face questioning. Opening statements will be heard as soon as the jury is seated.

Among other things, the jurors were asked if they know the facts of the case,  would they be able to ignore media reports when making a decision and how they would describe their political views.

They were also asked if they have any opinions regarding private organizations monitoring or defending the border, if they've heard of Forde's group Minutemen American Defense and if they have any strong opinions on illegal immigration.

How people answer the questions will be key as prosecutors contend Forde thought Flores was a drug dealer and recruited a group to raid his house for drugs, cash and guns to help MAD.

Jurors were also asked their views on the death penalty since prosecutors will seek to have Forde executed if she's convicted.