The founder of Phoenix-based El Dorado Holdings Inc., which hopes to build a 28,000 home project in Benson, has other sights on his radar.

Among them is the proposed Interstate 11 that would link Las Vegas to Phoenix by a limited access highway and also connect to Interstate 10 west of Phoenix. El Dorado founder and chairman Mike Ingram has pushed for the new interstate, which would cut through land his company owns in the Buckeye area and boost its value. In return, Ingram and another big Phoenix-area landowner, Jerry Colangelo, have promised to donate land to the state to build the section of road through his property, the Arizona Business Journal reported back in 2014.

Ingram and Colangelo, founder of JDM Partners, have also discussed a longer version of this route, which would continued past Phoenix, south to and through the Avra Valley west of Tucson on its way to the Mexican border, with the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, the Journal reported last April. The three of them discussed the roadway in April during a visit by Slim to the Phoenix area. Colangelo is former owner of the Phoenix Suns.

The more recent article said:

"The  proposed route means plenty to JDM and El Dorado, as one of the proposed alignments would cut through portions of their Douglas Ranch and Trillium master-planned developments in Buckeye. The two developments cover more than 37,000 acres on both sides of the Hassayampa River. If the route passing through the two communities is selected, more than 3,000 acres would be dedicated as right-of-way.

Colangelo said the pair told Slim if the route ended up going through their property, they would donate $100 million worth of land to the state for the rights of way and other economic development."

Colangelo said it is important for a man of Slim’s business stature to know more about I-11, the paper reported.

“We can’t control what happens to the route in Mexico,” he said. “But if someone like Slim sees economic opportunity, he could influence the government there.”