Twelve-year-old Addison Rerecich is back at home with her Tucson family with a new set of lungs.

Addison had been hospitalized at Diamond Children's Medical Center, which is part of the University of Arizona Medical Center, since May.

She's re-learning to walk, talk and eat and has made some significant progress, including enjoying french fries and dressing up as a pink Ninja for Hallowe'en.

She's also had to re-learn to breathe on her own again. She spent so long hooked up to an external lung that she lost muscle memory and elasticity in her chest.

The Arizona Daily Star wrote about a Facebook community that formed in support of the northwest side resident this summer.

Addison's story is as frightening as it is inspiring. The tall, athletic Tucson youngster was felled by an unexpected and vicious bacterial infection in May. For reasons that doctors have not been able to figure out, her body had an unusually violent, inflammatory reaction. As a result, her lungs were too damaged to be functional.

A new Facebook community has formed to follow Addison and her family as she goes along her long road to recovery.