Before and after photos show an area cleared by the Deer Head Fire burning in the Rincon Mountains. Park Service officials have let the slow-growing fire burn to clear out brush, dried grasses, fallen trees and other fuel sources to rejuvenate the land and prevent future larger wildfires.

The Deer Head Fire in the Rincon Mountains continues to burn and that’s O.K. with National Park Service officials.

The lightening-caused blaze, which has been burning since July 23, has consumed 1,076 acres in an area of steep, rugged terrain, according to a news release from Saguaro National Park officials.

Land managers are allowing the slow-growing fire to burn so it can clear brush, dried grasses, fallen trees and other fuel sources and rejuvenate the land.

Vegetation in the area includes ponderosa pine, oak and grasses.

“Increasing moisture and humidity have slowed the fire’s progression in recent days and similar conditions are expected to persist throughout the weekend,” according to the news release.

On Saturday, crews conducted burnout operations on the fire’s south perimeter as part of the strategy of keeping the fire east of Heartbreak Ridge.

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To keep the wildfire in check, a helicopter continues to fly reconnaissance missions, ferry supplies to crews on the ground and support firefighters with water drops from a bucket, the news release stated. The Park Services has 52 people working the fire.

All Rincon Mountain District backcountry closures will remain in effect for the duration of the Deer Head Fire to ensure public safety.

For additional fire information visit: or: or call the Fire Information Hotline at 733-5150.