Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry Goddard is going to have to catch up to incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer’s primary spending, or write a real big refund check to the state.

The two each received $707,000 in public funding for their primary campaigns through the state’s Clean Elections program.

But Brewer’s latest campaign filing shows she spent $533,000 in the period ending Aug. 4, leaving her with $89,900 left. The bulk of the money went to ad buys, consulting fees and campaign materials, such as signs and bumper stickers.

With the early exits of three other GOP challengers — John Munger, Buz Mills and Dean Martin — Brewer faces only Matt Jette in the primary, a political neophyte who reported having about $1,000 left to spend on the race.

Martin, who had also received $707,000 in primary funding from Clean Elections, returned $501,654 of unused campaign money. The remainder was spent on consultants, campaign materials and overhead for his campaign office. Munger and Mills raised their own money.

Goddard, who is unopposed, meanwhile, has $447,000 left to spend.

The candidates can’t take it with ‘em — they’ve got to spend it by the end of the primary or give it back. His spokeswoman, Janey Pearl, assures us there won’t be any refund.

As Clean Elections candidates, Goddard and Brewer are both entitled to a new round of general election funding, which is slightly more than $1 million.