Arizona's two Senators clashed on a vote to block President Trump's emergency declaration, which provides billions in funding for his border wall.

Senator Martha McSally, a Tucson Republican, backed the President, saying the declaration was important to fund border security. Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Phoenix Democrat, said the emergency declaration was unnecessary.

The resolution passed 59 to 41 on Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a similar resolution last week. 

McSally, who backed Republicans who supported the President, said in a statement on Wednesday that while there is an emergency along the border, it is Congress' job to fund border security.

“Arizonans know there is a humanitarian and security crisis at the border – drugs are killing and harming loved ones in communities everywhere," she said. "Now, it’s Congress' turn to fully fund border security and our men and women in uniform.”

On Thursday, Sinema remained unconvinced that the declaration was necessary.

“It is Congress’s constitutional duty to appropriate funds for border security. Several weeks ago, Congress increased Homeland Security funding by $1.7 billion for this year," she said. "While there is more work for Congress to do, the emergency declaration undermines critical military assets across our country and unnecessarily puts at risk resources for Arizona service members and national security."

Sinema added she would work on bipartisan solutions in the Senate to secure the border. 


Joe has been with the Star for six years. He covers politics as well as the city of Tucson and other municipalities in Southern Arizona. He graduated from the UA and previously worked for the Arizona Daily Sun.