The 2020 election will mark the end of an era in Pima County politics, with Pima County F. Ann Rodriguez announcing she will retire from public service after 28 years in office.

In a lengthy public letter, Rodriguez said her office is defined by a simple motto - "recording history one document at a time."

"As your Pima County Recorder, I will have overseen 7 Presidential elections, and my staff has recorded almost 7 Million public record documents consisting of approximately 28 Million pages," she wrote.

A Democrat, Rodriguez said it was time to pass the baton to a new person.

"All events in life have a beginning and an end, and this is also true with my journey as your Pima County Recorder. After careful and extensive personal thoughts I needed to decide whether to seek another 4 year term or was it time for me pass the mantel to someone new," Rodriguez said.

"This chapter of my life will close, and I will begin a new journey looking forward to retirement and spending time with my husband traveling and enjoying the things we want to do."

A respected elder in the local Democratic party, Carmen Prezelski said she doesn't want to see Rodriguez retire.

"This is a great loss to Pima County. She runs a tight ship at the Recorder's Office, and she was a strong voice in the Recorder's statewide organization," said Carmen Prezelski. "I'm just selfish enough to hate to see her leave, but after nearly 3 decades at the helm, she deserves a peaceful retirement, if that what she wants."

Rodriguez will serve out the remainder of her term, which will culminate in her involvement of the 2020 general election where voters will decide on who should be the next Pima County Recorder.