Tucson monsoon 2018

Students try their best to above rain runoff in the streets around the University of Arizona campus as a late-season weather system brought rain to the city and surrounding areas on Sept. 19, 2018, as seen in Tucson, Ariz.

In case you haven't noticed, it's quite gloomy outside today.

Tucsonans should expect a rainy day today... and tomorrow... and Sunday. And possibly more rain into next week.

Today's rain is thanks to Hurricane Sergio, and Saturday's is said to stem from another Pacific system, according to the National Weather Service. 

Today's rain is expected to be heaviest in the morning. Chances decrease a bit by evening. Strong winds can also be expected.

To make the rainy weather even better, today's high temperature is in the 70s.

Rain + 70-degree weather = any Tucsonans dream, right?

And despite the clouds in the sky, let's not forget the long list of events happening in Tucson this week.

Correction: Let's not forget the long list of outdoor events happening in Tucson this week.

One of the biggest is Tucson Meet Yourself, which starts at 11 a.m. today. The 3-day festival comes to a close on Sunday. (And here are some food ideas to get you excited.)

The fest is entirely outside, surrounding four blocks of downtown Tucson. In previous years, Tucson Meet Yourself has had a number of tents set up in certain areas — that'll stay the same this year, so you'll have at least a bit of shelter in the event of heavy rain. Some performance schedules may also get changed if the rain gets too crazy.

However, the festival is rain or shine. So, throw on some rain boots and bring an umbrella. You might need it. 

The Oro Valley Music Festival is also this weekend, in addition to TENWEST, Second Saturdays, and the Call of the Faeries

I'd suggest paying close attention to the weather if you plan on attending any of the events. You can check that here. Currently, when looking at the weekend forecast, Saturday afternoon has the highest chances of rain.

Also, don't forget to take proper safety precautions in the event of any flooding.