Indian fry bread at Manna from Heaven

The Indian taco at Manna from Heaven, with ground beef, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese for $6.50.

Odd though it may be, it should still come as no surprise that one website says Arizona's most iconic sancwich is actually a taco.

But not just any taco: The deliciously unique Indian fry bread taco.

To celebrate National Sandwich Day earlier this month, travel website Orbitz traveled the country to sample sandwiches and come up with one to represent each state.

But when they got to Arizona, things apparently got tricky.

"We can argue semantics all day long—does a taco count as a sandwich?—but one thing’s irrefutable: This mashup of the state’s Native American and Mexican influences just works," the article says to justify bucking the tend. "Warm, pillowy fry bread wrapped around the taco fillings of your choice will satisfy any Grand Canyon-sized hunger."

Who can disagree with that choice?

Check out the full list of all 50 states' sandwiches here and in case you're thinking fry bread taco for lunch or dinner, check out local spots Manna from Heaven, Cafe Santa Rosa or La Indita.