ST. PAUL, Minn. — Because of Minnesota’s government shutdown, an Arizona man will never know if his monster muskie broke a state record that dates to 1957.

John Gergen of Phoenix caught the fish July 1 on Lake Sallie. Gergen says he practices catch-and-release, but it died after five hours of revival attempts.

Gergen says the muskie measured 57.5 inches and weighed 54 pounds on a home scale. The record was 54 pounds and 56 inches.

Because of the shutdown, the local Department of Natural Resources office was closed so he couldn’t get the catch verified and nobody told him to get it weighed on a certified scale before he took it to a taxidermist.

Gergen says he isn’t sore the fish won’t make the record books. Many anglers believe the record has been broken several times by muskies that were caught and released.