The largest dome of the building arcs over the lunchtime crowd at Shooter's. In the restaurant's Moroccan incarnation, diners watched belly dancers perform.

At first glance, the light pole directly across from the Sun Tran bus shelters at the North Harrison Road and East Speedway park-and-ride lot looks insignificant.

Then you might notice the long, cylinder-shaped object sitting atop it.

That object is a cell-phone signal device installed by AT&T in October, said Tom Fisher, a project manager for the Tucson Department of Transportation's transit division.

The device earns the city $15,000 each year, which goes into the transit general fund for facilities maintenance and other improvements, Fisher said.

It's the only cell-phone device built in a city park-and-ride lot, he said.

"They came to us and asked if we would be willing to do that in exchange for revenue," he said.

The phone company also gave the city some new signs for the lot, replacing the old, wooden ones from the 1980s, he said. "You would touch them, and they would fall off," he said.

There are no plans to install more such devices at other park-and-ride lots, though Fisher is open to the idea.

"For us, we're getting revenue to pay for transit improvement," he said. "Plus, everybody is getting good AT&T service."

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