This Tugo station is outside the Tucson Convention Center. There are 35 other stations, many concentrated in the downtown area.

Tucson’s new bike-sharing program is offering free rides on its bicycles once a week in December.

Each Tuesday, residents are invited to visit any one of the 36 Tugo Bike Share stations throughout the downtown and university areas for free access to the 330 bicycles available for rent through the service.

The program, run by the bike-share provider Shift Transit, requires that you enter your home address, phone number and credit card number before accessing a bicycle, even on Free Ride Tuesday.

The bikes are then available in 30-minute increments, which allows for movement from station to station.

Cyclists who ride for longer than 30 minutes without checking into a station will be charged $4 each additional 30 minutes or $2 for members.

More information can be found through tugobikeshare.com or the CycleFinder smartphone app.