Bishop Gerald Kicanas of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson is holding a yard sale Sunday, peddling personal possessions and mementos from his 15-plus years as bishop here and decades more as a priest.

Set up outside of St. Augustine Cathedral, the sale will offer “crosses of all kinds, images of saints, praiseworthy knickknacks and some really nice olive wood carvings,” says Steffannie Koeneman, a diocese spokeswoman.

There will also be photos Kicanas took while traveling; artworks, religious and nonreligious, some of them handmade; hundreds of books, including heady tomes about faith and ministry as well as writings about social issues; and many other items, some of them from around the world.

“There’s a really good chance of finding something unique,” she says.

There’s no telling how much money the sale will raise, she adds, noting that quirky trinkets will be priced as low as 50 cents while some olive wood carvings might go for about $100.

Proceeds will benefit Cathedral Square, including the construction of new diocese offices and a conference center.

Last summer, the bishop submitted his letter of retirement to Rome, as is required for bishops at the age of 75. The pope will give word on what happens next and who will fill the position.

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