Vandals have sprayed graffiti on a portion of Joe Pagac’s giant mural north of downtown, on North Stone Avenue near East Sixth Street. Pagac says he hopes to finish restoring the mural, about 130 feet wide and 30 feet tall, this week.

Taggers have defaced the huge, colorful mural featuring bicyclists and desert creatures on the Epic Rides building at 534 N. Stone Ave.

The recent act of vandalism made little sense to muralist Joe Pagac, the artist behind the 4,000-square-foot creation.

“I always understood that taggers and muralists left each other’s stuff alone.” he said.

Pagac said the cost of repairing the work will run into hundreds of dollars. He has received offers of financial help to fix the damaged areas, but, “I would rather have that money go toward a new mural,” he said.

Pagac learned of the vandalism after he began receiving texts and phone calls from friends and admirers of his work.

He hopes to finish any repairs to the mural this week.