Ward 3 candidate Felicia Chew broke into song again on Wednesday night, singing an original song she penned for a forum organized by Local First Arizona, Pima County Food Alliance, Progressive Democrats of Arizona, Community Water Coalition, and Changemaker High School.

With a focus on Sustainability, six candidates were asked a handful of questions related to water, affordable transportation and economic development.

Chew opted to pen an original song as part of her answer. 

(The song starts at 45:30, but rest the video to watch the entire forum.)

Lyrics, provided by Felicia Chew

"I see the saguaro.

I see the mesquite.

I see the prickly pear

And the fruit we can eat.

I see the stealthy bobcat,

The javelina, too.

I see the bats from the bridge,

And avoid their guano poo.

But I don't see the water;

I don't hear the roar

Of the mighty Rillito

Across the Tucson floor.

I see the sprinklers sprinkling,

So late into the night.

The city's pumps are pumping

The water that's out of sight.

The plants that are native 

Can live through a drought

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But the non-native plants

Without water, they're out.

So let's use our water wisely,

Let's think before we plant

Let's turn down the water, 

Don't say that we can't

Then one day they'll say:

I see the water!

I hear the roar!

Of the mighty Rillito 

Across the Tucson floor!"

A shorter version of the video is below. It begins just before the candidate's song.