Leticia Freitag

A woman arrested Sunday morning in the shooting death of her husband at their east-side home told a friend three days prior that her husband threatened to harm her and their children, a court document shows.

Leticia Freitag, 46, and Michael Freitag, 48, were married for 16 years and had two children together.

Michael Freitag had been staying with a relative since December, according to the criminal complaint filed in Pima County Justice Court. He had moved his clothes out of their home but still had keys, paid rent, cared for their children and gave his estranged wife rides to and from work.

There were no orders of protection, restraining orders or other documentation showing Michael Freitag was prohibited from entering the house at the time of the shooting, the complaint says.

Both their children were in the house during the incident, but neither was injured nor witnessed the shooting.

The couple’s older child, however, woke up to her mother in the other room yelling at him to get out of the house or she would shoot him. The teen told authorities she had heard her father threatening to hurt himself but not her mother or the family, according to the court filing. The night of the incident, the teen said, her dad sounded calm but she couldn’t hear what he was saying.

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The children said after the gunshot they heard their mother call 911 and say she had shot her husband.

Leticia Freitag wasn’t injured in the incident nor did she provide a statement, the complaint says.

Police found Michael Freitag just inside the front door with a gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to the hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Leticia Freitag was booked into the Pima County jail on suspicion of one count of second-degree murder. A preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 16.


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