Officials continue to look for a gunman who robbed a Tucson restaurant and struck an employee with a Taser.

The man entered Reforma, a Mexican restaurant in St. Philip's Plaza, on Sunday at about 10:20 p.m. and demanded cash, says Reforma owner Grant Krueger. 

Krueger says the restaurant had been closed since 9 p.m. and only four employees were still there, cleaning up and closing. 

The gunman with a bandanna on his face, sunglasses, a hoodie, rubber gloves and white tennis shoes came in the back door, through the kitchen, Krueger says.

The man then struck the front-of-house manager on the neck with a Taser. Krueger says the manager didn't fall, but momentarily blacked out and has small burns on his neck.

The robber demanded the manager open the safe, which contained petty cash and servers' tip-outs for the night. The man took the envelopes full of cash and left out the back door. 

The Pima County Sheriff's Department deputies immediately responded, but were unable to find the robber.

Sheriff's department spokesman James Allerton confirmed the man's description and said officials continue to look for a suspect. 

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The amount stolen was about $2,000, according to Krueger, but since the tips hadn't been counted yet, that amount is an estimate. Krueger says Reforma did replace the employees' stolen tips and gave the employees involved in the incident some time off.

Krueger said it's surprising and scary that someone would come into the normally safe plaza, where he owns three restaurants and rob a business.

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