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Hernando Enriquez, 46, who pleaded guilty to killing his wife, daughter and attempting to murder his son in 2018 was sentenced in August to two life sentences.

The Vail man who pleaded guilty to killing his wife, daughter and attempting to murder his son in 2018 was sentenced on Monday to two life sentences.

Hernando Enriquez, 46, was given to two consecutive 25-to-life sentences and 21 years for the attempted murder charge in the incident, meaning he will have to spend at least 71 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole. 

On Feb. 2, 2018, Pima County Sheriff's deputies responded to a home in Vail where a man reported a young man was covered in blood and saying his father tried to kill him, according to Daily Star archives.

According to court documents, the son told sheriff’s detectives he had been at school when his father called him to come home early, which he found strange.

Enriquez met his son outside and said Sandra and Isabel were playing games inside the house and needed help to clean.

When they entered the home, Enriquez struck his son with a metal object. He fought back and the altercation led to the kitchen where Hernando grabbed a knife and began to stab and slash his son, according to a court document.

He was able to get free and escape to a neighboring home for help.

Deputies later found the mom and daughter in the home. Hernando was found near the home the next day.

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During Monday's sentencing, the surviving son and family members remembered his mother, Sandra, as "tender and loving" and sister, Isabel, as a "beautiful, maturing" young woman who both had their lives stripped from them.

He stood in front of the courtroom and described how his "very existence yearns" to be able to embrace his mom and sister again.

In a closing remark, Judge Deborah Bernini said the case was one of the most horrific crimes she's seen in her 25 years in the role. 

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