A knife-wielding man who was donning a women's corset and skirt as he followed a young girl home was arrested Tuesday in Sierra Vista.

The girl was not injured. Sierra Vista police gave the following account:

About 7:25 a.m., an employee of the Imagine Charter School, 1000 E. Wilcox Drive, saw the armed man walking behind a student who was listening to her MP3 player and was not aware that she was being followed.

The employee yelled out a vehicle window, urging the girl to run, and she did.

The man stopped following the girl, police said.

Officers made contact with Danny Dukinfield, 47, in the area. He lied initially about who he was and was arrested on suspicion of providing false information to law enforcement.

He admitted that he was intoxicated and was also taken to jail on two unrelated outstanding warrants.

Dukinfield is being held on $9,000 bond.