A key witness in an Arivaca double-homicide case is in danger of going to prison because his probation officer believes he's been using methamphetamine and has not been following his preapproved schedule.

Oin Oakstar is expected to testify against Shawna Forde, Jason Bush and Albert Gaxiola when they go on trial on first-degree-murder charges. The three are accused of being behind the deaths of Raul Flores, 29, and his daughter Brisenia, 9.

Oakstar was questioned about the May 2009 slayings but was ultimately indicted only for possessing a weapon when, as a felon, he had lost the right to do so.

Rather than risk a lengthy prison sentence, Oakstar agreed to plead guilty to the charge and testify if prosecutors would give him a probation-eligible plea and/or limit the number of years in prison that he faced.

In Pima County Superior Court, Judge Jane Eikleberry put Oakstar on three years' intensive probation in January after prosecutor Rick Unklesbay and defense attorney Michael Rosenbluth said they thought Oakstar deserved a chance to prove himself.

On Nov. 19. Oakstar's probation officer filed a motion to revoke his probation. A hearing on the matter has not yet been held.

Oakstar told authorities that he was part of the plan to kill Raul Flores, and that he even had pointed out Flores' house to Forde and Bush. But he got too drunk to go on the night of the slayings, he said.

Authorities believe Forde thought Flores was a drug dealer and recruited a group to raid his house for drugs, cash and guns to help fund her organization, which she called Minutemen American Defense.

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Forde is scheduled to go to trial on Jan. 11. Bush, who is suspected of being the triggerman, is scheduled for a March 15 trial. Gaxiola is set to go to trial on June 1.

Oakstar could be put back on probation or receive up to three years in prison if the judge determines that he did violate his probation.

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