A triple murderer’s art show has been cancelled because its organizers realized it was scheduled for the same day Tucson will observe the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

The Pima Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends did not realize the significance of Sept. 29 when they scheduled death row inmate Danny Jones’ exhibit, said Jeanmarie Simpson, a member of the group’s Peace and Social Concerns committee.

When the group learned about the Day of Remembrance over the weekend, they voted unanimously to cancel the art show because it would be a “terribly disrespectful” to hold it the same day, Simpson said.

The group’s calendar is booked between now and March and since Jones’ execution date is unknown at this time, the decision was made not to reschedule the event, Simpson said.

Instead, Jones’ art work will be posted on a website next month.

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