A pair of gun battles Thursday evening in Puerto Peñasco left six people dead, including one police officer.

The shootings began around 6 p.m. and turned into a rolling gun fight along one of the beach town's main streets. News reports in the town, known in English as Rocky Point said an atmosphere of hysteria gripped the public after the shooting ended, followed by tension as police and soldiers poured into town.

In a news release, Sonoran state police gave this account of the events:

About 6 p.m., police responded to a report of gunfire between two groups at a place called "El Ovalo" and found three apparent gunmen dead. They seized three firearms and a fragmentation grenade at the site, then went looking for suspected participants

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On Fremont Boulevard, the police encountered a Dodge pickup, and a gunman got out of the truck and started firing at them. Police fired back and killed the man, but as the pickup sped off, three people on board began firing, hitting three officers and killing one.

In a nearby location, officers found another man shot to death who apparently had participated in the original shootout.