Kaylie Gossett, Jon-Paul Bogdanowich Jr. and Kylie Brewer.

New details have been released in the February death of a 6-month-old girl, and now three people are facing felony child abuse charges in connection with the case.

Kaylie Gossett, 22, was arrested Wednesday and is facing one count of felony child abuse, said Deputy Cody Gress, Pima County Sherriff’s Department spokesman.

Gossett is being held in the Pima County jail on a $10,000 bond, according to online records.

On Tuesday, police arrested the child’s mother, 19-year-old Kylie Brewer, and Brewer’s boyfriend, Jon-Paul Bogdanowich Jr., 19, and both are also facing felony charges of child abuse.

Gossett is the couple’s friend who often cared for the child, Wyllow Brewer.

On Feb. 19, police went to a home in the 2900 block of West Katapa Trail for reports that a child was not breathing.

When deputies arrived, they noticed the baby was blue in color and had blood in her nose and mouth, according to a search warrant return filed Wednesday in Pima County Superior Court.

Wyllow was taken to Banner-University Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Doctors told sheriff’s department investigators the baby’s injuries included a bruise on her head and fractures on both her arms and legs, including a right arm that was “grossly displaced,” the return said.

A search of the residence turned up hypodermic needles and other evidence of drug use, and although the couple told deputies the baby had been in the crib when she was found unresponsive, the crib appeared undisturbed.

Bogdanowich and Brewer both told detectives that they’d used methamphetamine five days prior to the child’s death.

Brewer was admitted to a hospital three days before the incident to be treated for pneumonia. She asked Gossett and another friend to stay and watch Wyllow while she was in the hospital, according to her statement to detectives.

During Brewer’s stay, Gossett sent her a message on Facebook saying the baby had developed a cold.

When Brewer returned home from the hospital Feb. 18, she had to go to work and when she got home shortly before 10 p.m., Gossett and the friend went home.

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Brewer and Bogdanowich told detectives they saw bruises on the baby’s head and bite marks on the baby’s legs after the friends had left her, and also saw a two-inch laceration near the baby’s genital area, the document said.

The child’s autopsy revealed bruises all over her body, including her head, torso arms and legs, although there was no evidence of bite marks, according to one of the detectives who observed the procedure.

“The pathologist did tell me that the baby (had) a fractured humerus and that she had a severe infection on her arm,” the warrant return said. “I was told that the baby would have been in a lot of pain due to the trauma.”

Bogdanowich told detectives Brewer called him Feb. 14 to come home, saying the baby’s shoulder had been dislocated after getting caught in the crib, and he needed to “pop” it back into place.

The couple also said that they previously saw Gossett “smother the baby onto her chest by holding the back of the baby’s head” so she would stop crying.

Brewer said Gossett watched the baby for the couple five or six days out of the week, and often refused to let Brewer see the child, threatening to tell the police and DCS that she was abusing her daughter and using drugs.

Gossett and the other friend, who has not been arrested, denied hurting the child.

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