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The University of Arizona has not named a replacement.

Two of the highest-paid employees at the University of Arizona in the past year were athletic coaches.

One of them doesn't work there anymore as of last week.

The university's salary database for fiscal year 2018, obtained by the Star, shows that Rich Rodriguez, the recently ousted Wildcats football coach, topped the list at a base salary of about $2.5 million. That's not including any bonuses or stipends. 

Rodriguez was fired last week after his former assistant filed a $7.5 million notice of claim against him alleging sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. Though an internal investigation did not find cause to fire him, he was let go. 

Technically, Rodriguez is no longer on the payroll at the UA, but he signed for the highest salary at the beginning of fiscal year 2018. He also walked away with about $6 million in buyout.

Sean Miller, the head coach for the men's basketball team, is making a base salary of $2.2 million in fiscal year 2018. Again, that amount does not include bonuses or stipends. 

The university's president, Dr. Robert Robbins, isn't the third or even fourth highest-paid employee. At a base salary of $800,000, Robbins ranks fifth, following a senior vice president for health sciences and a professor in the medicine department. 

But Robbins' pay package includes other deals, including $70,000 in housing allowance. His salary is actually closer to $1 million. 

Data show that nearly 1,800 employees are making $100,000 or more. The medicine department has 111 employees in that category, which is the highest of all departments, including administration. 

Meanwhile, more than 300 employees designated as working full time make less than $24,600, which is the federal poverty guideline for a household of four. 

Searchable database

This database includes all UA employees on the payroll at the beginning of fiscal year 2018 whose salary was above $50,000. 

Take note that "annual salary at full FTE (full time equivalent)" means the amount the employee would be paid if they were full-time. So "annual salary at employment" means the amount they got paid according to their FTE rate. 

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