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Deaths in Southern Arizona

Deaths in Southern Arizona

Death Notices

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted.

Andrews, Ida C., 90, homemaker, Sells, April 12, Adair Dodge.

Araiza, Vilma, 48, medical records clerk, May 10, Carrillo’s.

Austin, Eric R., 67, accountant, May 12, Desert Rose Heather.

Beltz, Larry E., 77, truck mechanic, May 11, Hudgel’s Swan.

Bequetto, Clara P., 96, homemaker, May 7, Hudgel’s Swan.

Blumenkron, Maria E., 87, laborer, May 13, Carrillo’s.

Boulay, Monica M., 66, educator, May 14, Hudgel’s Swan.

Brown, Regina M., 98, homemaker, May 13, Hudgel’s Swan.

Chabot, Daniel M., 57, operations manager, May 14, Desert Rose Heather.

Dodson, Sammy B., 80, boilermaker, May 8, Hudgel’s Swan.

Dorsett, Margaret K., 84, receiving clerk, May 12, Desert Rose Heather.

Dunbar, William, 77, May 14, Hudgel’s Swan.

Ferdon, Richard, 74, park ranger, May 6, East Lawn Palms.

Garcia, Juan G., 94, truck driver, May 13, Carrillo’s.

Gazzaway, Joy, 88, long distance operator, May 6, East Lawn Palms.

Gerlach, Bettie, 79, truck driver, Marana, May 12, Marana Mortuary.

Gieseler, Richard, 75, account controller, May 9, East Lawn Palms.

Goin, Donald W., 83, physician, April 26, Adair Dodge.

Guerin Jr., Paul, 71, computer programmer, May 4, Bring’s.

Habenschuss, Michael S., 48, electrical engineer, May 17, Hudgels Swan.

Hayes, Richard C., 74, computer specialist, May 12, Hudgels Swan.

Hendricks, Desirae, 17, student, April 5, Adair Dodge.

Heredia, Manuel A., 97, landscaper, May 9, Carrillo’s.

Howard, Phyllis E., 89, camp host, April 13, Adair Dodge.

Jane, Mary, 70, manager, May 9, Desert Rose Heather.

LaBuda, Judith, 68, homemaker, May 2, East Lawn Palms.

LaFave III, Victor, 71, investor, East Lawn Palms.

Landrith, Doris D., 88, homemaker, May 5, Hudgel’s Swan.

Leishman, Eli B., 11, student, May 5, Hudgel’s Swan.

Levine, Myles, 72, sales, May 7, East Lawn Palms.

Lopez, Jr., Armondo R., 23, caregiver, April 10, Adair Dodge.

Lundien, Gary R., 66, taxi driver, May 8, Marana Mortuary.

Mazzocchi Sr., Joseph A., 73, truck driver, May 8, Marana Mortuary.

Mendoza, Gloriann F., 73, clerical, April 11, Adair Dodge.

Norton, Gerald, 90, plumber, May 8, Bring’s.

Parker, Jeremy, 91, engineer, April 28, East Lawn Palms.

Ra’Mirez, Linda F., 65, nurse, May 14, Carrillo’s.

Riesgo, James A., 70, project supervisor, May 12, Carrillo’s.

Roberts, Nancy, 81, nurse assistant, May 6, East Lawn Palms.

Sainz-Ortega, Juan R., 58, sales, Hudgel’s Swan.

Sandbothe, William, 87, mechanic, May 10, Bring’s.

Schnock, Mavis, 63, homemaker, May 7, Marana Mortuary.

Shultz, Larry G., 71, sign welder, May 11, Hudgel’s Swan.

Spear, Mark, 71, Air Force pilot, April 29, East Lawn Palms.

Sullivan, Helen J., 88, office worker, May 2, Hudgel’s Swan.

Swope, Roy A., 84, Air Force, May 5, Hudgel’s Swan.

Taylor, Roger D., 73, maintenance, Catalina, May 9, Marana Mortuary.

Thompson, Margery A., 89, homemaker, May 13, Hudgel’s Swan.

Weber, Norman M., 82, physician, May 6, Hudgel’s Swan.

Welch, Charles W., 65, plumber, May 13, Desert Rose Heather.

West, Marilyn, 86, secretary, May 7, Bring’s.

Winchester, Martha A., 69, loan officer, May 7, Hudgel’s Swan.


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