Deaths in Southern Arizona

Deaths in Southern Arizona

Death Notices

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted.

Abeyta, Leonard, 49, cashier, March 18, Carrillo’s.

Atchley, Nolen, 91, military, March 20, Desert Rose Heather.

Brisson, Denis, 83, forklift operator, March 7, East Lawn Palms.

Cluff, David, 89, branch manager, March 13, East Lawn Palms.

Dangel, Rita R., 90, homemaker, March 20, Desert Rose Heather.

Delcid Gomez, Delfina, 95, teachers aid, March 20, Carrillo’s

Escalante, Jorge L., 83, carpenter, March 23, Carrillo’s.

Ferguson, Mary, 96, computer programmer, March 16, East Lawn Palms.

Finerson, Jane L., 71, nurse, March 21, Carrillo’s.

Fotinos, Gus, 90, business owner, March 2, East Lawn Palms.

Geyer, John K., 56, automobile salesman, March 18, Desert Sunset.

Gontran Martinez, Jeffrey, 49, electrician, March 21, Carrillo’s.

Heisch, Mark C., 35, March 18, Marana Mortuary.

Jimenez, Oscar, 44, program director, March 17, Carrillo’s.

McIntire, Eileen J., 70, medical transcriber, March 17, Desert Rose Heather.

Moreno, Margaret E., 87, bank teller, March 20, Carrillo’s.

Obregon, Natalia L., 48, caregiver, March 20, Carrillo’s.

Perez, Norma J., 66, supervisor, March 22, Carrillo’s.

Petty, Albert, 81, operating engineer, March 15, East Lawn Palms.

Pillsbury, Robert, 84, civil engineer, March 18, Desert Sunset.

Schuler, Patricia, 80, medical transcriptionist, March 14, East Lawn Palms.

Sharp, Charlotte, 93, bus driver, March 2, East Lawn Palms.

Sierras Madril, Santiago, 78, professor, March 23, Carrillo’s.

Wilkes, Eva, 81, florist, March 11, East Lawn Palms.

Zusman, Laurel A., 80, customer service representative, March 20, Desert Rose Heather.


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