Death notices

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted.

Adams, Curtis, 63, Air Force, Aug. 16, Bring’s Broadway.

Canales, Deann M., 46, teachers assistant, Aug. 17, Carrillo’s Tucson.

Contreras Jr., Enrique A., 84, barber, Aug. 21, Carrillo’s Tucson.

Evans, Mary, 93, nurse, Aug. 18, Bring’s Broadway.

Falbo, Charles M., 73, pharmacist, Aug. 16, Carrillo’s Tucson.

McAuley, Patrick, 46, compliance specialist, Aug. 20, Bring’s Broadway.

Montano, Robert A., 66, salesman, Aug. 17, Carrillo’s Tucson.

Padget, Allen, 77, maintenance man, Aug. 17, Bring’s Broadway.

Pelusi, Mike, 93, educator, Aug. 20, Bring’s Broadway.

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Ruane, Douglas, 84, Army, Aug. 19, Desert Sunset.

Sargent, Shirley, 97, secretary, Aug. 17, Bring’s Broadway.

Sturgeon, Sandra K., 80, bookkeeper, Aug. 22, Desert Rose Heather.

Urias, Sylvia D., 67, advisor, Aug. 19, Carrillo’s Tucson.