Death notices

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted.

Getz, Ellen, 80, homemaker, May 10, Desert Rose Heather.

Gradillas, Mario A., 24, customer service, May 5, Adair Dodge.

Gradillas, Saul E., 19, waitress, May 5, Adair Dodge.

Leighton-Read, Kathleen P., 92, nurse, May 10, Desert Rose Heather.

Lopez, Petra, 63, homemaker, Nogales, May 7, Adair Dodge.

Munoz-Reyes, Edith A., 41, interior decorator, May 5, Adair Dodge.

Nelson, Joyce, 101, secretary, May 8, Adair Dodge.

Tomey, Richard H., 80, football coach, May 10, Adair Dodge.

Varga, Sandor, 68, software engineer, Budapest, Hungary, May 5, Sensible Cremations and Funerals.