Death notices

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted.

Anderson, Michael R., 65, technician, May 30, Marana Mortuary.

Boehmer, Ronald G., 72, June 9, Adair Dodge.

Broyles, Fernando A., 71, May 31, Adair Dodge.

Cedre, Manuel L., 25, technician, June 3, Adair Dodge.

Clark, Margaret M., 80, nurse assistant, June 6, Marana Mortuary

Eager, Tiffany R., 42, April 19, Adair Dodge.

Garrison, Gerald M., 81, May 21, Adair Dodge.

Howe, Russell G., 70, heavy equipment, June 2, Marana Mortuary.

Kocienski, Deborah L., 63, homemaker, June 9, Adair Dodge.

Krainock, William C., 76, electrician, June 8, Marana Mortuary.

Mazza, Audrey, 38, customer service, May 29, Angel Valley.

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Millitch, Dorothy, 85, teacher, Oro Valley, June 9, Adair Avalon.

Sellers, Michael A., 67, builder, May 28, Adair Dodge.

Shoemaker, Jodi, 59, administrative assistant, Marana, June 9, Adair Dodge.

Steindler, Lewis J., 96, May 30, Adair Dodge.

Winters, Byran A., 36, mechanic, May 8, Adair Dodge.