Seven of eight senior executives at the University of Arizona are taking home more money this school year, as is most of the UA workforce, public records show.

President Ann Weaver Hart approved pay raises of 4 to 5 percent for every member of her senior leadership team except for the top earner, the records show.

The highest paid, Joe G.N. “Skip” Garcia, who recently announced he’s about to step down as senior vice president for health sciences, is drawing the same $870,000 salary this school year as last.

University spokesman Chris Sigurdson couldn’t immediately say why Garcia didn’t get a raise.

This school year marks the first time since 2013 and the second time since 2007 that the UA’s overall workforce — Southern Arizona’s largest — saw pay raises.

The percentage increases varied and were based on individual merit and market demand, said Sigurdson, who received a 5 percent raise and now earns more than $194,000 a year.

In most cases, faculty members saw raises of 3 to 6 percent while staff members saw increases of 1 to 5 percent, he said.

Allison Vaillancourt, the UA’s head of human resources, said some employees — such as those deemed underpaid or in high-demand fields — received raises of more than 10 percent. Each of those cases were reviewed by the school’s provost and finance chief, she said.

Kendal Washington White, the UA’s dean of students, had one of the highest percentage increases at 20.3 percent, the records show. Her new salary is $180,500, up from $150,000.

“The university is a people-intensive business, and we have to have regular salary increases to stay competitive or we lose brilliant people,” said Vaillancourt, who received a 4.5 percent raise and now earns more than $258,000 annually.

“We also need to recognize the great work by all our employees, which is why President Hart has made compensation increases part of the annual budgeting process for all units,” she said.

Hart’s $665,500 pay package is set separately by her bosses at the Arizona Board of Regents.

Pay raises for the president’s inner circle are as follows:

  • Andrew Comrie, provost: 5 percent raise. New salary: $434,120.
  • Jon Dudas, secretary of the university: 5.1 percent raise. New salary: $368,000
  • Kimberly Espy, senior vice president for research: 4.8 percent raise. New salary: $393,000.
  • Joe G.N “Skip” Garcia, senior vice president for health sciences: 0 percent raise. Same salary: $870,000.
  • Gregg Goldman, senior vice president for business affairs: 4.9 percent raise. New salary: $425,000.
  • Laura Todd Johnson, general counsel: 5.6 percent raise. New salary: $299,250.
  • Amy Taczanowsky, director of the president’s office: 4.6 percent raise. New salary: $161, 697.
  • Melissa Vito, senior vice president for student affairs: raise 3.9 percent. New salary: $327,500.

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