Tucsonans will have another chance to learn from Noam Chomsky.

Chomsky, a renowned linguist and political activist, is returning to Tucson to teach a seven-week politics course at the University of Arizona with Emeritus Professor Marv Waterstone.

Chomsky has previously taught a two-week linguistics seminar at the UA and appeared in several guest lectures, including at the Tucson Festival of Books.

The spring politics course would explore climate change, nuclear weapons, militarism, globalization and capitalism’s impact on social inequality.

Tuesday lectures will be taught by Waterstone, former director of the UA’s graduate interdisciplinary program in comparative cultural and literary studies. On Thursdays, Chomsky will use real-life examples of concepts discussed by Waterstone and host a questions and answers session.

The course, a humanities seminar, is open to community members and UA students for $225. First day of class is Jan. 12.

For more information, visit hsp.arizona.edu/course/what-politics

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