The University of Arizona Foundation’s fundraising campaign has exceeded its goal by $90 million.

Arizona NOW campaign started in 2010, though it launched publicly in 2014, and reached its goal of $1.5 billion in November 2016, two years ahead of its eight-year schedule. Between then and Dec. 31, the campaign raised an additional $90 million.

Private support is essential in maintaining a competitive edge and being financially sound, John-Paul Roczniak, UA Foundation’s CEO, said in a news release.

The campaign was the biggest, most comprehensive in the university’s history, said Barry Benson, senior vice president of campaigns at UA foundation. “Campaign is over, but the important work of raising scholarships for students and faculty continues on.”

More than 400,000 donations and commitments came from UA supporters in 50 states and 55 countries. Major initiatives funded by these donations include enhancing student experience, supporting innovative research and programs and expanding UA’s reach, he said.

One of the biggest donations came from the Agnese Nelms Haury Estate. It made a $50 million commitment for an environment and social justice program named after Haury, the late philanthropist who supported UA endeavors over the years.

The money raised funds for several initiatives on campus, including football and basketball facilities, cancer research, Biosphere 2 and the Caris Mirror Lab, as well as individual student scholarships.

“You’re seeing a lot of these dollars already being put into work,” Benson said. Some students’ burden of paying for education has been lifted and some facilities projects, including the renovation of the mirror lab, have already taken place.

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